CS 327/329 2002-2003 PROJECT WEBSITE


Welcome to the dbViZ project website. Go to the Transition Website to view and download the latest release of dbViz.

This project is developed as a part of class project for CS 327 and continues for CS 329 at UIUC. The software development process followed is RUP. We use CVS for configuration management, Java for our programming language, and other SourceForge services for software engineering support.

In the first semester we made a lot of progress. We successfully completed four phases (2 inception, 2 elaboration) which resulted in numerous documents and a functional skeleton implementation. Take a look at our screenshots.

For a brief overview of what this project's about, take a look at our Vision document.

If you have questions about the project, feel free to contact the Project Manager.

Weekly meetings are scheduled for Mondays at 8p Central on IRC: irc.mysteria.net:7000 #dbviz

Project Team

Brian Sidhartabrisid@yahoo.com
Brian Schoudelbrians@uillinois.edu
Aleksandra Faustafaust@uiuc.edu
Ross Paulrosspaul@uiuc.edu
Jim Rarickjrarick@uiuc.edu
Larry Knoxlrknox@uiuc.edu
Uday Kaleudaykale@uiuc.edu

RUP Roles
Project ManagerBrian Sidharta, Ross Paul
System ArchitectRoss Paul
System AnalystBrian Schoudel
Requirements SpecifierAleksandra Faust, Brian Schoudel
Requirements ReviewerBrian Sidharta, Ross Paul
Architecture ReviewerBrian Sidharta
DesignerAleksandra Faust, Brian Schoudel, Brian Sidharta, Ross Paul, Uday Kale, Larry Knox
Implementor-IntegratorAleksandra Faust, Brian Schoudel, Brian Sidharta, Ross Paul, Uday Kale, Larry Knox, Jim Rarick
Code ReviewerRoss Paul, Brian Sidharta
TesterAleksandra Faust, Brian Schoudel, Brian Sidharta, Ross Paul, Uday Kale, Jim Rarick, Larry Knox
Configuration Management ManagerRoss Paul
User Interface DesignerBrian Sidharta
Tool SpecialistBrian Sidharta, Ross Paul
RecorderLarry Knox, Brian Sidharta
WebmasterBrian Schoudel, Uday Kale, Aleksandra Faust
Release Technician Ross Paul, Larry Knox



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